Wednesday, November 21, 2007

: to lovely Liza :

To my LOvelY Liza!

Love YOu so much..

Am missing our moments..

Hope our friendship will be forever..

Really hope that..

Love u... my Lovely Friend...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

: Azwa's Wedding :

It's been 3 more days to go for Kakwa to be wife.. Perhaps and hopely wish this will be the happiest moment for her in her entire life..

I as her closest cousin ( I guess) is deeply know that her heart beating is getting fast.

Cant wait to....

see her during Nikah time,

see her in white grand closet,

see her with an enduring smile,

see her tears once "lafaz nikah" is performedly finish..

It's too many "stories" between her and me, sharing almost all my personally things with well as hers.

Then, it would be a bit sad since she's getting married in just a few days from now.

Hope she will be happy ever after with her loved one, Abg Syuk.

And I can't wait to be auntie soon.


Monday, October 29, 2007

hello all my frens!

i just started this blog.

sesaje je.

kdg2 rasa macam gedik nk menulis (menaip actually)

nk meluahkan ape yg dirasa..


bnyk keje sbenanye arini.

tp buat selingan sekejap..

dgn mata yg layu mengantuk ni, ape2 pun rasa xde mood nk buat..

ok la..

sambung kejap lg..

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